Wooden American Flag Sticker

Size: Large
Quantity: 3-Pack
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Real Wood American Flag Sticker

Display your patriotism whenever and wherever you like with a real wood American Flag Sticker. Laser engraved from Mahogany veneer and covered with strong 3M adhesive, the American Flag sticker is perfect for your truck, toolbox, water bottle of whatever you own that needs some laser engraved freedom.

Handmade & Homegrown
Every one of our American Flag stickers is made right here in the USA by hand from locally sourced, hand selected black walnut, aromatic cedar, caramelized bamboo, or rich mahogany wood.

Not a Cheap Vinyl Sticker
This real wood sticker is so much more interesting and unique than a cheap vinyl sticker. These are made in America, with American hands. 

As Tough as The Trees, They Come From
Our woods are hand-selected by our team of local craftsmen, ensuring that every cut we work with is built to stand the test of time and last for ages to come.

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