Tire Inflator Portable Air Compressor for Car, Bicycle,Motorcycle,Ball

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  • Fast Inflation: Using the portable air compressor, the maximum pressure can reach 150 PSI, and 4 tires can be inflated to save up to 7-8 minutes.
  • LED Lighting and Pressure Display: Our tire inflators are equipped with bright LED lights that allow you to inflate your tires at night, and there is an SOS warning light mode to help you in an emergency. The display can provide a pressure display to let you know the inflation progress.
  • Digital Tire Pressure Monitoring: This car tire air pump adopts the latest technology, only needs to set the required pressure in advance when the air pump reaches the set pressure, the air compressor will automatically shut down.
  • Convenient: The portable air compressor can be placed in the car. In the hot sun, in the cold snowy night, if the tire is flat, you don't have to look for an auto repair shop, you can cheer for the car yourself.
  • Multi-purpose: Portable tire pump can be used in cars, motorcycles, bicycles, balls, swimming rings, and rubber boats, etc.


  • Voltage: DC 12V
  • Power:120 W
  • Maximum Work Current:10 A
  • Material:ABS+Metal
  • Cable Length:2.80M
  • Maximum Pressure:150 PSI


  • Do not use the inflator device continuously for more than 10 minutes. Allow the unit to cool between uses.
  • Do not use 110 V.
  • Keep inflator out of reach of children and store in a dry place.
  • This item inflates a midsize car tire in 3-5 minutes.
  • Display Units:PSI,KPA,BAR,KG/CM
  • Do not leave the inflator unattended. 

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