Fingerless Outdoor Sports Tactical Protection Gloves for Men SP

Size: L
Color: Army Green
Sale price$19.99



  • Back of the hand protective pad.

  • Palm damping pad: 3mm thick EVA pad, which effectively relieves pressure, upgrades abrasion resistance, and reduces palm injuries during exercise

  • Velcro wristband: Velcro can adjust the wristband, easily adjust the tightness of the wrist, and make it firmer

  • Breathable and comfortable fabric: sports select dense mesh breathable fabric, breathable and moisture-absorbing, wicking perspiration, not stuffy and hot, and more comfortable to wear

  • Hook pull ring: add hook pull ring on the wrist, convenient and practical


Material: Microfiber leather stair cloth

Processing method: mechanical sewing

Use classification: tactical gloves

Function: wear-resistant and non-slip

Pattern: Monochrome

Style: Half-finger gloves

Color: black army green

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