Portable Camping Toilet Gray 2.6+2.6 gal

size: 10 + 10 l
Sale price$132.64


This portable toilet has a 10-liter waste holding tank that makes it adequate to use for 2-3 days for an adult. The toilet is perfect for use with camping and service vehicles. It can also be convenient for the elderly, children, and disabled people in hospitals or homes.

The camping toilet is made from strong high-density polyethylene PP material, making it sturdy. It can bear a weight of up to 200 kg. The caravan toilet has a 10-liter freshwater tank which allows you to flush at least 50 times. Its T-type, 3-way flushing makes waste removal easier. The side latches make it easy to detach or hasp both tanks together. The slide valve helps to protect against leakage and odors. The toilet is easy to transport, featuring a lightweight and compact design.

It is a must-have for camping or motorhome trips.

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