Camo Survival Knife

item weight: 2.05 LB
Sale price$99.99


  • MOSSBERGª Survival Knife with aluminum handle with 7-3/4" blade. 

  • Contains a mini storage compartment on the end of the handle.

  • 7" skeletal frame knife with a 1-1/2" blade

  • black paracord

  • black belt loop webbing with snap buckle

  • Camo finish on both knives and sheath.

Handle includes: 

  • high-quality compass

  • band aid

  • tweezers

  • safety pin

  • razor blade

  • fishing line

  • pencil

  • thread

  • needle.

  • Glass-filled nylon sheath

  • glass-filled nylon cap

  • fire starter stick

  • slingshot tubing

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