Survival Knife and Flashlight - Orange Finish - Emergency - LED Light with a Heavy-Duty Nylon Case

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This fully functional EMT/EMS knife and flashlight combo pack with a heavy-duty nylon case are perfect for everyday use or display. Each set is packed in a crush-resistant box. The flashlight is safely wrapped in bubble paper for protection, and the knife is wrapped in cellophane for protection against scratching.

EMS Flashlight: The flashlight is EMT/EMS orange! The flashlight uses 3 "AAA" batteries (not included) and has 14 ultra-bright LED lights that last up to 20 years! The flashlight has a handy lanyard for easy transport. The push-button on/off switch is located on the front of the flashlight and is tested for durability. The flashlight is 4-7/8" long and about 1-1/4" in diameter. Our EMS flashlight is made from high-quality aluminum that will not scratch or dent easily.

EMS Knife: The knife in this set is EMT/EMS orange and features a sturdy Lockback design and a genuine EMT/EMS logo medallion in the center. Use the glass breaker or seat belt cutter in any emergency where it is needed—the stainless steel clip and thumb stud round off this incredible and versatile knife. The aluminum knife measures 8" open, 4-3/4" closed, and the stainless steel blade is 3-1/2".

EMS Pouch: The heavy-duty nylon pouch features two belt loops on the back to securely attach to any belt. There are two compartments, one for the EMS flashlight and the other for the knife. A stitched EMS logo seal on the front of the pouch, adding to this product's authenticity and overall appeal. The pouch Velcro's shut for tight closure, keeping your knife and flashlight safe and secure inside the pouch.

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