Yoga Bag - OMSutra Mahayogi Mat Bag

Color: Black
Sale price$59.99


OMSutra Mahayogi yoga mat bag comes with a golden floral design saree lace border and "OM" embroidered on the center of the yoga bag. This delightful and practical yoga mat bag is made of heavy-duty twill fabric with an inner liner and a pull cord closure, making it perfect for everyday use. This yoga mat bag has enough space to carry a yoga mat, water bottles, yoga straps, an eye pillow, and a towel. It is a versatile yoga mat bag that can carry any standard yoga mat


  • Comfortable
  • Sling style
  • Flower Design Saree Lace border
  • Embroidered "OM"
  • Made with heavy twill fabric
  • Inside pocket -zippered
  • Holds any heavy mats comfortably
  • Size: 27" x 8" x 12"

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