3 Adjustable Heads 270° Wide Angle Illumination Solar Lights Outdoor

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  • 138 LEDs and 270º lighting: The solar outdoor lights are built-in with 138 bright LEDs and have 3 adjustable heads, ensuring that they can deliver ultra-high brightness illumination for a wide area. The 270ºrotatable angle makes it very flexible to adjust and get the solar panel much sunlight power at a maximum degree.

  • PIR Solar Motion Sensor Light: 

  1. The sensitive PIR sensor detects your movement up to 28ft, and the induction angle is 120º.

  2. The solar outdoor lights will turn on automatically at night when it detects your movement, and the light will be turned off when you leave the induction area.

  • Remote Control & Modes:

  1. Each solar floodlight is equipped with wireless remote control

  2. The remote control distance is about 32ft

  3. You can choose the most suitable mode faster and more portable—motion sensor mode, body induction + dim light mode and always light mode.

  • Large capacity & Fast charging: Built-in 2400mAh lithium battery, monocrystalline silicon solar panels charge 20% faster than ordinary solar panels. Up to 93% solar conversion rate. During the day, it automatically collects solar energy and converts it into electricity, and automatically turns ON/OFF from dusk to dawn.

  • IP65 waterproof & Easy to install: The waterproof level of the solar security light is IP65, which can withstand different extreme weather conditions. It can be installed on the wall with the included screws, which are suitable for garages, lawns, terraces, porch gardens, roads, etc.

  • 3 Modes:
  1. Human body induction function (the light turns on when aperson passes by and turns off 20-30seconds after the person leaves)
  2. Human body induction low light mode (light on when peoplepass by, low light 20-30 seconds after people leave, and light up again when someone passes by)
  3. Low-light mode (the lamp is always in the low-light state, egardless of whether there  are people or not)

What is included in the package?

1 x Solar lights outdoor 138 LEDs

1 x Remote Control

1 x Commodity guide

1set x Mounting screws


  1. Drill and use the expansion anchors in your desired area.

  2. Place the hinge and fasten the screws through the hinge into the expansion anchors.

  3. Use the plastic anchors to attach the light unit on the hinge securely.

  4. The installation is completed.


Step 1- Charge in the sunlight for more than 4 hours before use.

Step 2-Cover the solar panel completely so that it does not receive any light.

Step 3-Push the white button to "ON" to open and press the orange button again. If the light is successfully activated, it will light up.

Step 4-Mount it where you need it and adjust the solar panel so that it faces the sun.



Sensing Range

The solar safety light has a 16FT/120° motion detection range, and the package comes with remote control. You can use the wireless remote control within 26 feet (1 remote control can control multiple lights). So you don't have to worry about the delayed lighting of solar LED lights.

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